Life, What a Concept

This blog is to develop a dialog that involves aspects of social responsibility,  from the level of self to the that of the biosphere. After the initial acknowledgement that life is a great concept and the human a miraculous being, the understanding of how humans are going to live with each other, especially given the development paths that they have chosen, invites a serious debate!!!!

The approach is simple in that we declare that all humans have “Freedom of Action but Responsibility for their Actions”. This invites the question “Responsible to who?”;  the Biosphere because it is the source of “Life” both in the historical sense and the current sense. The human temptation is to say, to “self”,  and this is partly true and necessary for survival, which immediately introduces the fundamental question that is to be asked of all humans actions “Is the action in the self or common interest? or some balance of that and if a balance, what balance”.

This question is asked before the action by the brain and it is hoped that “common sense” influences the decision and therefore the subsequent action. Judgement of these actions by self is likely to bring a different answer from that of an independent observer, and as in the case of quantum mechanics, the presence of the  observer may change the action. The dialog therefore is to consider the extent to which self-organisation will occur to bring a solution that is in the common good.


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